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30 Day Food Challenge: Day 22

I have less than a week to go on this challenge! WOOHOO! I cannot wait to go food shopping next week and buy what I actually use, instead of impulse buying.  (Except when it comes to ice cream during certain times…ladies, you all know what I am talking about!) I feel like this challenge allowed me to learn about what use, what I overstock on and what I  need to stop buying.

For example, I tend to buy tuna when it is on sale. Since it sometimes tends to be expensive, I stock up when cans are 50 cents and/or I have coupons.  However, this led to me having more cans of tuna than I will need and eat for months! Next time, I will resist the sale until I am out of it and then  only buy it when I plan on using it. Since I noticed that I rarely eat it, I am more mindful about adding it to my shopping list.

The same goes for soups to  a  point, but since I eat that more often, I can keep it on my list. However, I will only buy the kinds I actually eat.

I will post more about this on the last  day of the  challenge, but for today, this is the biggest thing I  realized when I went into my cabinet and saw several cans of tuna and soup.

As for tonight’s  dinner, I decided to finish the pasta (it is just so good!) and save the quesadillas for tomorrow. The truth is, I have so much to do tonight that it is easier to just heat up the rest of the leftovers.

More tomorrow. Stay tuned!




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