30 Day Food Challenge: Day 23

Tonight I finally made my quesadillas that I’ve been planning to cook for the past few days. It led to me finishing the defrosted chicken, most of the shredded cheese and the rest of the tortillas. I also used three of the baby bell peppers in my freezer, but sadly, they didn’t taste as good as I was hoping they would.

This led to me thinking about how I tend to overbuy or overcook food and then toss it into my freezer. I end up pushing things to the back, not labeling things and forgetting about food until my freezer is almost empty. The latter leads to the following:

1. Playing Guess That Food when I defrost something in unmarked. Tupperware.

2. Food that loses  its taste.

3. Food covered in ice.

None of these situations are all that appealing. What I should/need to do is label and date everything  when I put it in the freezer  to avoid those three situations.  However, I tend to get lazy and forget to do this. My goal is to remind myself  to do this before I end up throwing out more food and playing a guessing game that could lead to me eating something unappetizing or unappealing.

More tomorrow! Stay tuned.


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