Spring Cleaning Series: Part 1

I am going to switch gears a bit today and take a break from sports. I feel bad I have not been able to do my WWE recaps, but I’ve been working nights lately and have not been home to watch. I have it DVRed, but by the time I get to watch, it is literallly yesterday’s news. I am working on figuring out an alternative option to cover, so stay tuned.

Anyway,  now that we actually have nice weather, it is time for SPRING CLEANING! I know everyone is obsessed with Marie Kondo and her videos when it comes to organizing. I admit, I have yet to watch her videos, but plan to in the future. I am,  however,  obsessed with http://Chaostocalm.blog, which is written by my amazing friend Jenny. She  is a NJ based professional organizer and has been a part of my life for years.

One of her ideas is perfect for us busy folks! It is called Give  Me Ten Minutes and it is quite literally one of the most ingenious ideas ever. It is exactly how it sounds: take ten minutes per day (or week,  depending on your schedule) and work on ONE  section of a room. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, it can just be something simple,  such as cleaning out the fridge. If you have kids, you can even make it into a game….see who can match the most pairs of socks or see who can find the most  dried out pens.

How do  you find these ten minutes, you ask? It is actually simpler than you think. Jenny’s idea is to turn on the stopwatch on your phone and take on the section for ten minutes. It doesn’t even have to be boring and if you live with other people, can be a bonding experience. Take on the task while chatting with your kid or significant other.  Not only do you get stuff done, but you get much needed time with your loved one. If you live alone, put on music or your favorite show and take on a small task you’ve been meaning to do,  such as cleaning out your makeup drawer.

You can start with once a week and add on another ten minutes each day as you see fit. The best thing is, you will be amazed by how much can get done in a short amount of time.

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