Purging and Letting Go

Once again, my girl Jenny Restucci Smith rescued me. Not only did she cure my writer’s block with her latest Chaos 2 Calm post, but she also gave me some great ideas to help organize my tiny studio apartment.

Right now, I am going through am purging and letting go phase. I credit Jenny and Marie Kondo, but it is also because my life is changing and I no longer have a purpose for certain things I own.

However, it is hard for me to let go of some things because ‘what if I might need it someday?’ This leads to me hanging on to things for way longer than necessary, losing track of what I have and accumulating a ton of crap. Until today, when Jenny rescued me.

Her idea on getting rid of stuff was quite interesting. When you hold on to something in fear of getting rid of it because you might need it, you are showing you have lack of trust that things will work out if and when you will need it. Her point of view is, if you end up needing something you get rid of (which, in my experience, rarely happens), you can always ASK. Someone is more than likely to have what you need and will want to help out. Chances are most things can be purchased again. The point is, more likely than not, things can be replaced if needed.

However, as I mentioned, chances are most of this stuff we are holding onto won’t be used and will just sit there collecting dust. (That 1980s blue eyeshadow I somehow ended up with, anyone?) As anyone into organization says, if it hasn’t been used within six months to a year, chances are it won’t ever get used and it is ok to let it go.

As of this afternoon, I was able to get rid of several hair products I have had for years (some from even BEFORE I moved, mind you), expired toiletries I never knew I had and I even made a pile of clothes to give my sister-in-law that I think she might like. (Impulse sale buying is a weakness of mine!) I am slowly but surely making more room for things and can see what I have and actually use before buying anything else.

Thank you, Jenny!

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