March Madness 2019 First Four Part 2

Tonight was part two of the First Four in March Madness. I still have no clue what it means….except the first four games in the tournament, so I looked it up on

The official definition: When the NCAA tournament was expanded to 68 teams, a new round was added to the format: The First Four. Four games, played on the Tuesday and Wednesday after Selection Sunday determine which of eight teams advance to the first round of the tournament.

In my mind, it is like the basketball version of the Battle Rounds on The Voice. It may or may not be right or accurate, but in my mind, that is how I see it.

Anyway, Here are the results of tonight’s games:

NC Central vs. ND State: Final score was 78-74 with ND State winning.

St. John’s vs. Arizona State: Final score was 74-65 with Arizona winning.

More tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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