March Madness 2019 First Round Day 1


Today is day one of the First Round for March Madness 2019! I will be bringing you scores and results as they become available. Keep checking back for updates!

Minnesota vs. Louisville: Final score: 86-76 with Minnesota winning.

Yale vs. LSU: Final score: 79-74 with LSU winning.

NM State vs. Auburn: Final score: 78-77 with Auburn winning.

Vermont vs. Florida State: Final score: 76-69 with Florida State winning.

Bradley vs. MI State: Final score: 76-65 with MI State winning.

Belmont vs. Maryland: Final score: 79-77 with Maryland winning.

Northeastern vs. Kansas: Final score: 87-53 with Kansas winning.

Murray State vs. Marquette: Final score: 83-64 with Murray State winning.

Florida vs. Nevada: Final score: 70-61 with Florida winning.

ACU vs. Kentucky: Final score: 79-44 with Kentucky winning.

St. Mary’s vs. Villanova: Final score: 61-57 with Villanova winning.

FDU vs. Gonzaga: Final score: 87-49 with Gonzaga winning.

Montana vs. Michigan: Final score: 74-55 with Michigan winning.

Old Dominion vs. Purdue: Final score: 61-48 with Purdue winning.

Seton Hall vs. Wofford: Final score: 84-68 with Wofford winning.

Baylor vs. Syracuse: Final score: 78-69 with Baylor winning.

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